If you give a mouse a cookie…

As I mentioned in a previous post, we finally found a home for the TV.  However, that led to rearranging the furniture in the living room, and rearranging the living room meant that we now had a rather large empty wall that was screaming for some artwork.

Months before I had been attracted to a bicycle painting in the window at the local Deck the Walls, but the price seemed a little steep, so I kept walking.  Then after the living room rearrangement I decided to actually go into the store and see if they had something I could use.  Much to my shock, I found the same bicycle painting hanging on their discounted wall at 40% off the original price!  Usually I would agonize over the decision (I’m sure a few of my close friends and family are rolling their eyes about now), but I went for it without a second thought.


Moving the couch inspired me to find new artwork for the living room wall.

The size is perfect for the living room wall, and I love the colors.  Even though I’m not an avid cyclist (I actually do own a decent bike and take an occasional Sunday afternoon ride with the family in tow), I’m drawn to the lines of a bike.  Plus, the style keeps the room from feeling too formal.

However, the new painting led to finally finding the right color for curtains and I recovered the throw pillows.  Now I’m tossing around ideas to replace the shoddy frame on the mantel mirror and maybe paint the living room.  It will come together eventually, and about that time I’ll probably need a new couch, which will lead to new artwork, which will…

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4 Responses to If you give a mouse a cookie…

  1. Gary says:

    All because you wanted to hide the TV. You should put the TV back where it was and save a lot of work – and money. 😉

  2. Tim says:

    It looks really nice! The shock of blue in the middle particularly makes me happy. : )

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