Date Night

Date nights are pretty rare in our household, usually due to lack of planning, so I decided my Christmas gift for my husband would be a pre-planned date night. I started planning back in November and quickly lit on an outing that we could both enjoy.

I love musicals, but I didn’t think my husband would appreciate getting tickets to a Broadway play for his gift. Then the perfect opportunity arose — The Book of Mormon at the Civic Center in Des Moines which is written by the creators of South Park. A musical wrapped around the crass humor my husband would enjoy.

I bought the tickets and booked a baby-sitter well before Christmas. I decided to wrap the gift by getting a copy of The Book of Mormon and putting the tickets inside.


Tickets were selling out fast, so we ended up going on a Friday evening, which meant a rushed dinner prior to the show, but it was still a great outing. It was our first visit to the Civic Center and while the inside seemed a little worn, even from our seats in the very last row, we could see and hear very well. I was hooked from the opening act, which one of the writers said was, “…totally Disney in sensibility, and totally Mormon in attack.” The music, dancing, and acting were fantastic. Every time I glanced over at my husband he was grinning or laughing, and to my surprise, so was I. It was as crass and insulting as I expected, but in a fairly respectful way (if that’s possible). It generated a great discussion n the way home about Mormons and religion in general that we really got to enjoy because the kids weren’t interrupting.

I think my gift was a success and I got to enjoy it too. Having a nice evening with my husband also reminded me of how important it is for us to make time for us as a couple too. We put so much focus on the kids and family time, but keeping our relationship healthy is just as important and something I want to pay more attention to this year.

What do you do to make time for you and your significant other? Have you seen a good show lately?

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2 Responses to Date Night

  1. Abby Carwile says:

    Justin and I are able to carpool to work together. I say those twenty minutes, to and from work, with no kids, are part of what keeps us going!

    • bkliethermes says:

      We used to carpool when we were in California and it was really nice to have even that little bit of time together. I guess we all take those precious alone minutes however we can get them. 🙂

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