Kitchen Remodel 2: Choosing Paint

Choosing paint colors is very hard for me. I have spent months trying to choose paint colors for this house and I’m just overwhelmed with too many choices and fear of making the wrong choice, so choosing a color for the kitchen was nearly impossible. I finally went through all of the kitchen images I had pinned on Pinterest and noticed a trend — my favorite rooms had neutral walls. That was a surprise to me because after years in rentals where I wasn’t supposed to paint, whenever I could paint, I put color on the walls. However, I decided to go with what my subconscious already seemed to know and looked for a neutral color.

I finally decided to try Valspar’s Oatlands Subtle Taupe. It goes with the current gray trend, but has warm tones to it that I really liked. I also picked up a quart of Smoked Oyster which was the adjacent color on the card in case I decided to go darker.

The result! I love it. It brightened up the room so much. The existing bluish green color was pretty, but it seemed to soak up the light in the room. The neutral gray seemed to make the room glow. What a difference!


The original color was pretty, but made the room feel dark.


The new light gray color is soothing and brightens up the room despite this rather poor picture.

So far, I’m really happy with the new wall color. It’s very soothing while still feeling bright and warm.

How do you feel about wall color? Do you tend to go with a neutral color and add brighter colors in other ways, or do you infuse colors with bright wall paint?

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3 Responses to Kitchen Remodel 2: Choosing Paint

  1. bookishbiker says:

    My entire interior is beige, but I don’t really have the first clue how to pick a color. I keep thinking I should get the living room furniture sorted out before I paint, but then again, that could take years! Plus my walls have kind of a funky bumpy surface and I don’t know if I can just paint right over it, or if I ought to sand it first, and then I spiral into a cycle of doubt and fear and decide beige isn’t THAT bland 🙂

    • bkliethermes says:

      I thought once I decided to go neutral that it would be easy to pick a color, but there’s still too many options. Maybe stay beige for a while. 🙂

      • bookishbiker says:

        Yeah, I might start small, with my guest room (when it’s empty) or my office – those are rooms that are removed from the rest of the house, so the decision is a little less monumental – and might break my blockage! But I’m definitely not rushing (not least because your construction pictures just make me tired).

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