Kitchen Remodel 3: Going Trendy

We were thrilled to reclaim additional space by the chimney in the kitchen by moving the ductwork into the wall, but we had a hard time deciding how to repair the wall.  Removing the old upper cabinet and the tile completely ripped up the old plaster, so we had removed all of the plaster from the wall and had to start from scratch.  After many debates, we decided to go with some other trends I noticed in my Pinterest kitchen board — paneling and open shelves.

Modern paneling is not  the dark, laminated wood paneling of the 1970s. It’s a huge trend at the moment and fits into what I’m starting to see as my preference for modern farmhouse style.  To further break from the 70s, we also turned the paneling on it’s side (literally) and hung pre-cut wood paneling horizontally.  Then I whitewashed it with a 50/50 mix of paint and water so some of the wood grain could show through. I love how the paneling adds visual interest and texture to the room.


As you can see in the picture above,  we also made a decision about storage on this wall.  We considered trying to connect the existing upper cabinet to a newly built cabinet that wrapped the corner.  However, every design we sketched was either too deep (because we wanted to match to the center vertical beam on the existing cabinets) or would have messed up the symmetry on the cabinets framing the window.  We finally decided to make a set of open shelves that stretch partway across the wall, which leaves space for cabinet doors on the existing cabinets if we decide to do that in the future.


With the lack of storage in our partly demolished kitchen, they quickly got overloaded, but I envision these being the home to some frequently used items and maybe even some decorative items.  I originally didn’t like the idea of open shelves because it displays all of our clutter and leaves things to get dusty.  However, I’ve been loving the convenience of open cabinets during the remodel and if we stick to frequently used items, dust shouldn’t be much of an issue.

What current trends have you incorporated in your house that you never thought you would follow?

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