Kitchen Remodel 6: My Pantry

It’s funny how a quick side project can become my favorite part of the end result. We still have a small kitchen, so I want to make every space functional. That’s when my eye fell on the wall between the bathroom door and the window. The depth is too narrow for a cabinet and I didn’t want anything to block the window. I loved the idea of a narrow shelf that we could use as a pantry, so my husband and I started to measure and sketch, then we added the beautiful old glass-paned doors we found in the basement (not sure if they are original or just got picked up somewhere by a previous owner), opted to add feet on the bottom to make it look more like a piece of furniture, and chose to paint it a bold color as a contrast to the grays and whites in the room.  In just a couple of weekends, my husband was able to put it together so I could paint, and this was the result:


I love it! It fits the space perfectly, adds color (I used the gray on the inside to tie it to the rest of the room), and the style fits with the age of the house.

By now I’ve filled it with spices, cans, and other pantry items and it’s wonderful. It’s so convenient to what I call the baking area in the corner and I love that nothing is hiding behind anything else. The narrow depth also prevents it from blocking the window, and the height keeps things accessible, but is also a little higher than the counters, so it will hopefully not become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items.


I had been hitting a lull in the remodel project, but this snappy little pantry has inspired me to get back into action.

Have you ever had a side project that stole your heart?


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