Our yard in spring

Spring has been late to Iowa this year, much like in the rest of the country.  As a result, we’re only just now in June seeing many of the flowers that would normally be blooming in May.   I’m enjoying looking at all of the beautiful yards in our neighborhood, and our yard has finally started to look more like spring.

The peonies are gorgeous this year.


Last year the salvia was small and dry, but this year it’s almost bushy and has brilliant color.


We added a rain barrel in the back yard this year and with all the rain we’ve had, there’s been no problem keeping it full. We’re hoping to get to use that for watering plants this summer so we can avoid using water from the tap as much as possible.


Our other yard project was to plant a plum tree in the front yard. The city cut down the elm tree on the curb and we’ve been missing it’s shade and feeling of privacy it provided. We’re hoping the plum tree will help fill that gap and hopefully the city will also replace the tree on the curb.


How is your yard shaping up this spring? Have you made any additions or improvements?

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